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Affinity Designer for Windows


The Pro Imaging Resource Center, better known as PIRC, invites you to hang out at the PIRC Forum. We have a wonderful group of DrawPlus members who are always willing to help where needed.

We have a lot of great projects for Drawplus and Animation using Gif Animator or Animation Shop and a whole lot more!! Come on over and join us, there's always some form of activity going on. We also have support for DrawPlus and will have support for Affinity Designer for Windows by Serif when it's released to the public.


On March 15, 2016, Serif announced that they are bring a new range of Affinity applications to Windows! Their first program for the PC will be Affinity Designer. It has been available for the MAC for some time now and there have been some really good reviews for Affinity Designer.

Rumor has it that Affinity Designer will be released within the next month or two. We at PIRC are so anxious to give it a try. On the down-side, Serif will no longer be supporting DrawPlus. X8 will be the final version. Back to the good side - the Affinity Designer interface is very similar to DrawPlus. They have used the same icons for many of the tools which will make the learning curve so much easier.

At PIRC, we are using DrawPlus to do the video tutorials that were written for the MAC. So far, so good! Come join us and get in on the ground floor with this brand new program for the Windows PC.

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