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We are currently busy beta testing Serif's new program, Affinity Designer! It has been available to MAC users for around 2 years now and have they have given it rave reports. Serif is now creating the same wonderful program for the PC and has a free download version for beta testing.

So far, we love what we are seeing! Serif has been very fast to fix whatever bugs have been reported. They release a new beta every Thursday. Not sure how long the testing will go on, but we're learning a lot in the process.

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Serif announced that they will no longer be supporting DrawPlus. X8 will be the final version. Therefore, we are no longer writing tutorials or supporting DrawPlus on the PIRC forum. We will leave the DrawPlus tutorials on-line until the first full version of Affinity Designer comes out. After that, we will be replacing our DrawPlus tutorials with ones for Affinity Designer.

At PIRC, we are using Affinity Designer to do the video tutorials that were written for the MAC. So far, so good! Come join us and get in on the ground floor with this brand new program for the Windows PC.

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